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With over 18 years experience in construction, founder Nate Perigny brings his extensive onsite knowledge to every project, paying close attention to detail, and providing a quality end product to home buyers.  At PERIGNY PROPERTIES  we understand buying a quality home is one of the most important investments in people's lives.  From project managers and consultants, to trades and sales teams we take great pride in the highly experienced and qualified teams we work with.

At PERIGNY PROPERTIES, our mission is to build quality homes and communities that enrich the local environment.  Each project is unique and requires special attention to assure our standards are met.  Our teams are dedicated to bringing each project's vision to life, and we guarantee our homes with our own warranty as well as 2-5-10 year third party warranty provision, one of the strongest construction defect insurance coverages in Canada.


Buy with confidence, from PERIGNY PROPERTIES.      

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